Monday, June 13, 2011

Midnight snack...

It is 4 a.m.

No, really it is 4 a.m.

I brought my computer home over the weekend to work on a few things because I had some time to make up that I missed last week.

So really it is 4 a.m and I am typing away on my work laptop at my coffee table - with a 'midnight' snack sitting next to me.

Something so 'normal' - working late into the night; maybe not even really so hungry as you are tired, but you find yourself staring at the inside of your frig anyway! You grab something easy, quick like some cheese. the pantry to find some crackers to go with it.

Awake but tired - you really could find it all in your sleep or with barely a light on in the kitchen - you always keep the cheese in the middle left deli/cheese crisper of the frig and the crackers are always on the bottom shelf to the right in the pantry.

You go ahead and pour just a little bit more soda over the ice you already have in your glass...your mouth kind of waters at the thought of that first drink and how it burns your throat going down. You're really not going to be up much longer so you pour just a little.

A few minutes later you find your work complete and your snack devoured. You head off to bed.

The midnight snack.

For every 1 in 6 Americans the simple, normal midnight snack is out of reach.

For the 50 million Americans struggling against hunger - the midnight snack is nothing more than a dream...

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